Complete lack of self-awareness


Have to vent on this. I work as a crisis component of a major healthcare provider so our prompt is often pressed for things that are *not* crises. It’s not bad when it’s someone who is elderly and was struggling with the phone prompt system because we can get them where they need to go and they’re usually very grateful and kind.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the person who calls screaming bloody murder at you because they want to make an appointment or are having a hard time relaying a message to their doctor. Now, in case it’s not clear, **we’re a crisis department! We** ***will*** **ask you if you’re having suicidal thoughts!** No holds barred. If we don’t ask, we can get pulled for leaving someone at risk. Which only makes them angrier. (to be fair, in those cases, when they’re that unhinged about inconveniences, they really do *need* to be screened)

But I had a handful of people this week who were so rude and ridiculous toward me because I’m asking basic questions to try to get them to the correct department. And yes, I’m going to ask if you’re having suicidal thoughts. But screaming, cursing, and insulting because I want to do apparently offensive things like asking if you were dialing a particular extension, what your last name is, what office location you visit, whether you have a case manager, etc. is beyond bonkers.

And the kicker is that people who act like this really think that we are treating each other equally as badly (me for asking clarifying questions and them for cursing and screaming)


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