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I am not a call center worker, just a lurker. I hope I am allowed to post this here.

I am in the process of changing pharmacies. My old pharmacy has corporate policies I don’t agree with and decided to take my business elsewhere. In the process of course some meds got delayed in the process. I was patient with the new pharmacy, it’s not their fault I’m changing.

Unfortunately one very important med got delayed multiple times and I knew I had to talk to the insurance company. I am not a big fan of my insurance company but I don’t have any better choices. I brace myself for the phone call.

First person I speak to is a very nice lady named Celia. I explain the problem and she decides to bring a person from their pharmacy division in on the call, Sophia. Sophia finally untangled my mess and gave me very important information.

I ended the call with the following…

Me: ladies you have been wonderful. I thank you for your time and effort to help me. Please keep this pleasant interaction we have had with you during the day. I know you have to deal with unpleasant people and I wanted to give you at least one civil conversation so that you know nice people are out there too.

I’m so sad that they laughed…not at me but because they deal with a.holes all day long. They were so happy to deal with just one random nice person. How sad that we live in a world where being a jackass is the norm.

I know I am preaching to the choir on this but I am going to make additional postings on at least one other sub I frequent. We need to remind everyone that manners are not dead.

My best wishes to you call center people. May you have at least one pleasant person today.


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