Anxiety, wanting to give up


First call center job. They told us it wasn’t like call center, but that’s exactly what it is. Inbound calls. We had 2 weeks of training, training method wasn’t the best, some of us still have doubts sometimes on how to proceed. Some things are complex and hard to understand. I have ADHD which makes it harder i guess. Some days are fine but most days you get some calls that take a toll on you and when they go wrong i lose my confidence.

I’m staying because i need the money, i still live with my parents though, but i dont wanna have a gap in my resume with little experience and be jobless.

Today i got called out by one of our managers 2 times because i made some serious mistakes. Supervisor doesn’t have time to help us at all. Another client got mad because i was following policy rules and couldn’t give him what he wanted. This job hits hard on your mental and physical health. The thought of having to wake up and go to that job makes me depressed.

Any advice on what to do? i’d really appreciate it.


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