Tell me again how much you care

I worked for a call center for the past 5.5 years. I was happy in my little 9am to 6pm shift. I worked as a claim processor for lost and damaged parcels. Work was busy but satisfying; sometimes I was even able to help a customer.

In 2022, word came down that my department was being moved off shore. I, along with 4 other senior agents, were left behind to finish training our replacements. We were promised a training start date and that we would join our original team once the off shore folks were trained.

Our worst fears materialized. Our training was canceled, and we ended up in a different department – that ultimately was offshored in Jan 2023.

As part of the new assignment, we were expected to go 2 weeks without working any hours, then attend training for the last 3 days of the pay period, effectively making it 30 days without income.

I decided to get out. I am now working as a substitute teacher at the school where my wife teaches. I work almost every day, and I can schedule days off without penalty.

I took my vacation days right before quitting. I politely emailed my supervisors and let them know I would not be back.

A week later, I get a call from someone with a heavy Indian accent who said he was from HR. “You have not logged in since xx/xx,” he says. “Yes, I quit last week. I don’t have time for your call at this moment.”

The next week, I get an email from another HR drone wanting to offer me a position in another division. I wrote her back a detailed explanation of why I was not interested.

Two weeks later, another HR drone from another office mailed me my separation notice, which indicates that I was separated for the reason: “inability to contact employee.”

What do you think?

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