Had someone threaten a branch

Specifically, I work with digital payments.

Our verifying measures are totally different than the rest of the call center because we deal with a lot of fraud. This one millennial calls in inquiring about the platform that isn’t working within her mobile app and was asked to provide certain info to get started. She provided it. Great. The second layer of verification is what she couldn’t verify. I advised she had two options to proceed: 1. She can call back with the info that we are requesting or 2. She can stop into a branch and have the branch reach out on behalf of her. The audacity this person has, I swear… she starts saying on a recorded line that she will physically hurt the branch reps that call on behalf of her.

Now who in their right mind would even do that? This week has been full of shitty people saying shitty things. I’m 4 years into being a rep over the phone (3 different departments), and I cannot find a job in my field that isn’t in a call center…

What do you think?

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“I believe ya, but my Tommy-gun don’t”

some people’s stupidity knows no bounds