“Are you being SMART with me?”

Just started a new job at a call center for tax season. I honestly think they were just trying to get headsets on heads for the season because they trained us entirely through shitty videos with no shadowing, listening to calls, or even roleplay.

Today I was thrown on the phones after being told “google is your friend.”

My first caller is a man that allegedly received a pop up saying that he needed to mail in some forms after he already filed his return. He didn’t remember what it said exactly and the pop up disappeared quickly. No record of him needing to send in forms in the system and he didn’t receive an email about it. He’d called once and the agent told them it was an error. He called again and got me. I consulted with a lead and once again was told it was likely an error since the return was already filed.

I tried to tell him this for forty straight minutes.

Asshole: “Why would -tax software- have errors? I pay too much money for your website to have tech errors!”

Me: “sir I apologize but sometimes errors just happen especially during tax season because the servers can get over-“

Asshole: “I just told you I spend too much money for errors! What other errors are there? List them all, I want to know them.”

Me: LONG PAUSE “sir.. I don’t know every single error in the system unfortunately but you can disregard this one. Without more information I can’t look into it furth-“

Asshole: “I have all the information you need to find out what that pop up was saying”

Me: “okay what was the form number so I can look into it?”

Asshole: -yelling- “are you being SMART with me??”

Me: “no sir.”

Asshole: “I gave you all you needed to know!”

I ended up transferring him to res desk without getting approval. When I asked a lead what to do they just said “google is your friend.”

The contract ends in April, hoping I can hold on ugh.

What do you think?

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