Providing the information you asked for…..but its not what you asked for?

Im in the repair chat department for a well-hated telecommunications company. Being that im in repair I can explain your bill and give options about possible promotions (except retention promos) but i cant apply them.

*after helping with initial issue*

Me: Was there anything else i could assust you with today?

Cx: can you answer some billing questions?

Me: Of course i can answer some questions. How can i help?

Cx: is there a way to lower my bill?….gives life story of struggle

Me: *gives info about govmnt funded program*

Cx: i see there are new promotions for new customers. I should qualify for those. Can you apply that please?

Me: Because you are an established customer you are not eligible for our new customer promotions. But i can send you that email for the ACP. Whats a food email for you?

Cx: Well i need my bill lowered.

Me: *gives other options to lower bill, states i dont have any current promos that i can apply*

Cx: 🤣 (exact emoji used)
You said you could help.

Me: I said i could answer questions. *gives retention number and explination*
Was there anything else i could assist you with in the meantime?

Cx: 🤣 (again)
You’re useless

Me: *generic closing*

What do you think?

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