Forever in my top 5 most awkward moments.

This brief story takes place about 15 years ago.
I’m 19, at my first call center. Been there less than a year. Pretty damn good at my job, but lots to learn still.

Sweet elderly lady (SL) calls in — awesome! They’re my favorite; I actually enjoyed helping them with super simple technology problems. They were easy to please and chatted nicely while I did my thing.

I don’t remember how we got to this topic during our small talk, but it went something like this…

SL: I’m in the hospital at the moment.

Me: oh, I’m sorry to hear that!

SL: thank you

Me: well I hope you’re feeling better soon.

SL: oh, I wont. I’m dying.

(said in a very sweet but matter-of-fact tone, mind you)

Cue my stunned silence because what on earth am I supposed to say to that? I’m barely out of training! They don’t prep you for this 😐.
And then immediate guilt for the stunned silence, probably followed by some stuttering. I don’t remember the rest, except that she never broke that sweet little old lady demeanor of hers. ❤️

Anyway, that’s the day I learned to avoid saying “I hope you feel better” unless the caller specifically confirms it’s a recoverable problem…🫥🫣…like a cold, or a broken ankle.

What do you think?

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