called in to tell on himself

Received a call that made me face palm today it made me laugh.

Customer calls in about his recent washer delivery. Absolutely pissed his home got flooded and wants to report his machine is possibly defective so that if needed after the delivery team comes back out to verify installation he can get a replacement.

CX – I received my washer yesterday and the delivery team refused to hook it up. My mother in law was home for the delivery and they told her the tubes we have don’t fit. When I got home I looked and they definitely did so they just didn’t want to do the installation that I paid for.

Me – I’m so sorry to hear that. Just for confirmation the installation was free and I do see you are on schedule for a service tech to come out to finish that installation. We’re you calling to check on your service time.

CX – No, I’m calling because my whole house was flooded because the water wouldn’t shut off. I had to drain the washer myself and clean every room. I just got off with (brand name of washer) and they are refusing to see this as defective. But I want it noted that this problem is happening so if I need a replacement…

Me – just to make sure I understand, the delivery team told your mother in law that the tubes didn’t fit, by our notes they said they weren’t long enough. You then proceeded to do the install yourself turned the machine on and walked away. And the machine as a result leaked so much that it flooded several rooms in your house. And you want me to notate it as that.

CX – Yes because (Brand name of washer) is saying its an installation error.

Me – (internally: it is an installation error it leaked from the damn tubes that weren’t long enough…)

Also Me: I understand I will notate in your account everything you just stated one moment.

CX – thank you.

Today I go back in because I’m a little nosey and see notes that the installation ended successful but customer wanted to get compensation for damages or file a claim. Agent told them they couldn’t do compensation for damage he caused per previous notes (my notes) and that if they filed an insurance claim the adjuster would see the notes that you did the installation that led to the water damage.

(Some of that is assumptions based on notes agent left)

For me it’s just hilarious that he spoke to the brand name that told him you caused this mess. I explained to him that your asking me to notate that YOUR FAILURE to listen to the delivery team caused flooding and you want me to notate this to protect you…. Okay buddy. I’m happy to assist.

I just wish I could see his face or hear his voice when it dawned on him.

What do you think?

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