“you can’t put the phone down on customers.” “yeah? watch me.”

Oook so some places in retail environments and even at post offices in the UK where I am have signs saying abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and service will be refused etc. Why can’t I have that same protection? Oh yeah because I’m a phone grunt so I should just take it. WRONG.

Over the weekend shift I took no shame in going *click prick* to 4 real nasty ones. Best off to do it before you even get into the account so they have no record of you. One started very bitter and nasty as soon as I answered and then demanded my name again before I even got in the account and I knew she was going to be an hour worth stress not worth the pay so clicked that fucker off.

Sorry, but if you call and don’t even want to be helped and just want to shout and be abusive you are gone. Sure if you’re angry and just want to vent whilst being helped that’s dandy and I’m happy to give you all the help I can and make your day better. But nope. I will NOT be a verbal punchbag for no reason. Don’t get paid enough for it.

Luckily I’m ducking out of call centre work in the new year so I’m happy to work off of my own policy such as this one. Otherwise there would be no protection, and yet corporates wonder why the turnover is so high at their contact centres…’s a hint……..OFFER YOUR EMPLOYEES MORE SUPPORT TO ABUSIVE FUCKWITS!!!!

What do you think?

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What is it about call centers that makes management completely unwilling to pay 1 cent for experience?

At the end of the day, call center work definitely isn’t for me. It just wasn’t worth the stress in the end.