My job made me feel like i’m not “a team player” because I refused to take calls during my lunch

A few days ago, only 2 out of 7 people from my department showed up to work. The worst part, it was a monday. Now, i’m cool with it because I like to take back to back calls due too the the high call volume makes the time go faster. The problem lies when it came to lunch time. My supervisor asked me and my other co worker “Could you and the other employee clock out for lunch but take calls during your lunch?” I asked, “so are you going to pay me for taking the calls?” My sup said, “No” Long story, short, I told my supervisor I refuse to work for free. I ended up taking my lunch and my co worker decided to clock out for lunch but work through her lunch.

However, on the next day, my manager decided to buy lunch for myself and my co worker. my manager later learned that I did not elect to work through my lunch so i didnt get free lunch. After a bunch of back and forth, i ended up getting my lunch paid for but my manager told me, “When you said you refused to work during your lunch, it make you look really bad to the VP. You need to be a team player and help the team when needed.” i replied, “If you needed me to work during my lunch, why not just pay me?” My manager said, “Because we would get in trouble if we didn’t give you a lunch break.” I simply said, “Ok” and moved on. Later on in the day, my other co worker talked to me in private to explain why she decided to work though the lunch. My coworker explained to me, “I decided to work though my lunch because we are a small company and we are like a family” Oh heck no! I’m not your family, My loyalty is to me and my dog. This is a job. I am exchanging my time for money. That’s it. I may sound a bit cold but after 10 years of working in calls centers. Lesson number one is too trust nobody. To be fair, i work for a super small company. the company has less then 30 employees. The company is so small, i’m looking at the owner as i’m typing this out. I may be more willing to “take one for the team” but when the manager tells you the company just received a 3 million dollar investment but every time anyone ask for a raise, the VP fights tooth an nail against the raise for all of the employees, it doesn’t make me want to, “take one for the team” Just to be clear, i put in my two weeks notice 2 days ago because i just got a job offer with a 3 dollar pay increase. If you were in my shoes, how would you best handle the situation? Would you “Take one for the team” or refuse to work, without pay, during your lunch, or a mix or something different?


TLDR: My Sup asked me and my Co worker to work though our lunch. I said no. I am now considered not a team player and how would you handle the situation if you were in my shoes?


FYI: I already put in my two weeks notice 2 days ago but not for this reason. I was offered a new job with better pay.

What do you think?

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