i ran away from work (literally)

im on college, i have told my supervisor before that i could not go on dayshifts. i was so pissed off when she gave me a 2AM-11AM schedule because i have classes at 8AM and 10AM.

Of course, I had to accept it thinking that she had no choice as well. Today, I just discovered something from a teammate, she saw the original schedule and I was actually on nightshift originally, from 7PM-4AM, but my supervisor exchanged my schedule to the my other teammate without me knowing.

Of course, being the bigger person, I just accepted and went on with it.

On today’s shift, I was on lunch and when I came back, someone is already seated on my station and removed all my things, it was an entitled day-shifter who always sits on where I am during night shift. I hated how I reported it to 3 supervisors but they all didn’t give a single flying fuck about it. They just told me to find another station and log in immediately. I was so pissed off.

I sat on a different station in the back area and as soon as I saw the supervisors sat on their areas, I packed up my things and ran away. I also told myself that I’m not gonna come back anymore and just fake sick and file an immediate resignation.

But the Christmas pay is already next week, so I’ll just force myself in this job, take that pay, and file an immediate resignation.

Do I have any regrets? NO. Call center is hell. RUN.

What do you think?

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Any advice on how to play “Office Politics” well at a call centers.

My coworker just told me, “I wish you could as sociable as you are on Reedit” I appreciate her