I had a really shitty call today and it’s playing on my mind.

Shortened story because the details of the query are not particularly relevant.

I had a caller with an issue I had no ability to solve. I asked for further info, i.e. Screenshots so I could escalate to he relevant department. The caller went on a 20 minute tirade of abuse that left me in tears.

I was talked down to, made to feel about an inch big, patronised and mocked.

I am ashamed to say I did lose my cool and at one point replied in a fairly snarky tone. Then after taking a tirade of abuse for another 6-7 minutes I broke and started to sob. I have PTSD from a previous abusive relationship and this person was speaking to me in exactly the same way. When he heard my voice break on the line he continued to mock me for crying.

Eventually he hung up after telling me I was pathetic and incapable of doing my job.

I feel like shit.

I’m a 34 year old woman with 3 kids. I only took this fucking job because I was made redundant from my dream job in August. I have thicker skin than this in everyday life, but the call centre environment is so alien to me and I’m trying to navigate the procedures, learn a new role and get used to the entire environment. I DO NOT DESERVE BEING TREATED LIKE THIS!

What do you think?

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