Are they trying to can me?

So, I started my current call center job in May 2021. While in training a week later, I tripped over a power cord the trainer had stretched across my path and plugged into the wall. Ended up breaking my elbow, kneecap, and completely tore my ACL (I know…wtf?). I filed for workers comp and my case is finally about to settle. Last month I had a complication to my knee injury and was on LOA for a month. Now that I’m back, I’ve been informed that I’m going on a “QA Coaching Program due to being on leave”.

I’m trying to figure out what the correlation is between a medical leave of absence, and a QA Coaching plan? Makes no sense to me. I’ve never had to have a coaching plan the whole time I’ve been there, nor any type of dosciplinary actions of any kind. I feel like they’re trying to nitpick me to death and find a reason to fire me. Does it sound that way to anyone else?

What do you think?

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