the horrors of call center world to an 18 year old

I started taking call center job last year, immediately when I turned 18. the company i was in endorsed me to a TELCO account, at first I was so excited because I kinda know that telco accounts are for those who are highly skilled and I was so proud of myself. But day 1 of taking calls… it was ok, I said it was fun. But day 5, day 10, day 30. All I felt was dread and tiredness and the only thing keeping me from quitting the job is that I need money for my college expenses since I am a working student and no one provides for me other than myself. I kept gaslighting myself that it’s fine, that it’s all okay as long as I’m earning.

But y’all know what makes it harder? The fact that customers doesn’t trust us because we’re not Americans. I came from Asia. Our country is the #1 Southeast Asian country being outsourced due to the english speaking population and our natural tendency of being hospitable and helpfulness. Everytime I get a call from an angry customer, and that customer senses my fake American accent, they would immediately ask to transfer them to someone located locally. It was dreadful, with some people even calling you a brown monkey, big nosed people, and exotic jungle people. Those were only the few terms the 18 year old me was forced to hear.

I stayed for almost a year in that job, sometimes, I didn’t even know how I managed to do all of that while handling the pressure of securing a sale.

I thought I was done, I thought it was over. But then this year, I came back to call center because of some emergency I needed to pay. I was left with no choice but to return because no other jobs with high pay would accept me since I don’t have a college degree yet (which is by the way like a requirement here in our shitty country).

This time around, I’m in an airline company. I thought it was easy, I thought all I needed to do is schedule reservations, cancel bookings, and edit their details. But no. Currently here for 4 months and I’m barely making it each day. I shouldn’t be so tired at 19 years old but this is the life that fate chose to give me…

Every single day of people cursing at me, being racist towards me and being discriminative demolished all confidence I have in myself. The dreamer in me was gone, thanks to call center.

What do you think?

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Not even 30 days in and I already hate it.

Hanging up on rude/abusive callers is SO satisfying