People pretending to be someone else.

I hate it! Hate it!

We have a pretty basic standard that we take what people tell us about their identity without question. As long as they can verify all the security information on the initial call we are ok with it, but as our process moves along we require even more verification so that’s where they typically get caught up.

My frustration comes from people like this lady I just talked to. Her number immediately pulls her accounts up as “Amy Jones” and when I ask for her information she gives “John Smith”, I confirm that this for her specifically and that she is not calling for anyone else. She says she is John Smith and calling about an issue back in 2018. Annoyed, but per our policy, I have to locate and verify John Smiths account which has the same basic information as Amy Jones. She states that she, John Smith was not married in 2018, but then asks to update the email to reflect “Amy Smith’s” contact information.

At this point I can tell that I am speaking to Amy Jones, who recently married John Smith and is now Amy Smith. Yet I can’t call her out on it unless she let’s it slip. Instead, I have to move forward with the process knowing she will use his information to verify everything so she can speak about something that happened with his financials before they were married.

I don’t mind giving people the benefit of the doubt, but blatant shit like this makes me so mad that people take advantage of our policies because their partner/child/parent doesn’t want to handle it themselves. We even have a super easy 3rd party system they can use to have someone else speak for them, but no! They have to call in and lie!

Ugh. Just my rant for the day.

What do you think?

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