Peeing in a bottle

Hello there.

This happened today and I’m here for it.

My supervisor was a real dick today – little backstory; we’re all working from home and today was a bit swamped, so breaks were limited for a while.

Well, I really had to go and asked it I could go on the toilet for a couple minutes and this idiot really told me no, like we’re in school on a fucking test or something, so I jokingly said, alright Jeff Bezos, I’ll pee in a fucking bottle then.

That didn’t sit well with him, so he wrote down a fucking book on how disrespectful I am and that I should do what he says etc, etc.

I just didn’t answer him anymore and just did my work (after going on a good 10 minute break without anyone saying anything after that), what an idiot.

What do you think?

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