im desperate

desperate to leave this call center job.

Supervisors force you to go on mandatory OT. They look like dogs begging you to agree to 1-2 hours more taking irate callers with unjustifiable requests. The end result? You don’t get paid for it, they don’t accept the overtime you log on to your timesheets.

I really hate it how even though my workmates are amazing people and someone I can vibe to, they’re all passive about it. They’re all fine with all the disputes in our salary, they’re all fine with all the bullying from our management and it’s hell for me.

I was never the type to just shut up but right now, I don’t even have the energy for it anymore. I’m desperate. Supervisors won’t accept your immediate resignation letter since they’re short with people (is it our fault that you’re not hiring more people?????), I’m at the point wherein I’m thinking of faking a medical certificate and diagnose myself with all the deadly illnesses and file an immediate resignation and just run away from this job. Even thinking of purposefully getting into an accident so I can be confined and show a real medical proof that I can’t go back to work any sooner. I’m that desperate.

What do you think?

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We are the worst!

“if you don’t give me what I want, I’ll just buy your product in one of your oficial distribuidors!”