I want to speak to your CEO!

Have you ever had customers that went way beyond “I want to speak to your supervisor” and jump straight to “I want to speak to your CEO!”

I can think of three times it happened to me in the two years I worked for a major cell phone company.

The first time, someone called in and immediately asked to speak with my supervisor. We were supposed to do everything we could to help before escalating a call, but she was adamant she wouldn’t do ANYTHING, not even give her name, to me. . .she demanded to speak only to my supervisor. When I transferred her call (and got chided for not doing more to help her). . .apparently she told the escalation queue the same thing and refused to talk to them, only wanting to deal with their supervisor, then told the supervisor the same thing. . .this person landed at the Operations Manager for the whole site, the #2 person for the whole building, and the person in charge of actual customer service there.

The Operations Manager told her, quite firmly, no, on her request to speak to his supervisor. She apparently screamed at him and told him he was “required” to transfer the call to his boss on request, and she demanded this, she apparently also said she was “ordering” the Ops Manager to send the call to his boss. He firmly said he wasn’t going to do that, wasn’t required to do that, and as far as she was concerned, there was nobody in customer service above him. Of course, at this point she still hadn’t given us her name or account number, or really anything. I really think she wasn’t going to be satisfied until she was put through to the CEO’s office. She angrily disconnected. . .and the Ops Manager shared the story with us because he thought it was funny.

The second time, I got someone who called in requesting a transfer to another department, saying they had reached customer service in error. When asked what department they needed to speak with, they said “Your CEO department”. That wasn’t a “department”, and certainly nothing a customer service rep would have the number for. . .but she was very angry when I told her that wasn’t a department I could transfer her to, and when I offered to help with whatever her issue was, she told me off before hanging up.

The third time, this one was sly. . .she called in, she authenticated her account properly, and once I had her account pulled up she very politely asked to be transferred to someone, by name, she said she wanted to speak with about her issue. She gives the name of the CEO. . .like knowing I might not just transfer her to the CEO on request, but if she acts nice and asks for him by name I might look him up in a directory and forward the call to his number. I recognized the name immediately, and out of curiosity I checked, it wasn’t in the directory we had access to. When I told her that wasn’t in the directory that customer service reps have access to, she THEN called me a liar and hung up.

. . .who really thinks that the CEO of a Fortune 500 company is just is able to take a customer service call from a random customer at any time, that they can just pull up a customers account and know how to troubleshoot that account or personally fix their billing or technical issue, or that any random rep can just forward any call to the CEO on request? Apparently more people than should.

What do you think?

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