Hanging up on rude/abusive callers is SO satisfying


Background, my job is as an overnight dispatcher/clerk/calltaker for a large towing company, so not technically a call center, but I do answer the phones a lot. Mods, let me know if this doesn’t fit and I’ll put it somewhere else.

The other night, around 4am, my phone rang. This is a transcript (as best as I can remember. Me = me. RW = rude woman.

ME: XXCompany, this is dmitrineilovich.

RW: (enunciating carefully) Where the fuck is my car?

(honestly, she sounded a little drunk to me.)

ME: I beg your pardon?

RW: **Where. The fuck. Is my car?**

I just hung up the phone without another word. (My boss has no problem with us doing that when people start getting abusive.) About 2 minutes later, the phone rings again.

ME: XXCompany, this is dmitrineilovich.

RW: (contrite) I’m trying to find my Chevy Tahoe. The license plate is XXX9999

ME: (checking) I’m sorry, I don’t have anything in my system with that license plate. Where were you parked? On a city street or in a private parking lot?

*(I ask this because we’re the only company that tows for the city if the police have a vehicle impounded for a parking infraction. If it was in a parking lot, it could be any company, whichever company has a contract with that property.)*

RW: It was on the corner of \*streetname\* and \*streetname\* near the Starbucks.

ME: Yes, I know what intersection you mean, but was it on the street or in a parking lot?

RW: It was right here and I want to know where my car is! I’m a nurse and I know how to describe things precisely! Where is my car?!

ME: Look, I don’t have your car, but if you tell me exactly where you parked I’ll try to help you find it.

RW: You’re being kind of an asshole right now…

\*click\* I don’t have the time or mental energy to deal with crap like that. 2-3 minutes later she called back and I was finally able to ascertain that she was, in fact, parked on the street. I advised her that we were the only company that tows for the city, and since we didn’t have it that she should call the police and report it stolen. She hung up without even a thank you or goodbye. Fuck, I hate people sometimes.


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