Entitled jerk thinks I should already know all his information.

I really like my job. This entire week has been good. There is the occasional jerkface customer but for the most part, people are ok. Had a man today really test my patience! He came on the line throwing tons of information at me, and I made note of all of it. I then expressed empathy as I am required and began explaining the claims process when the shit storm began.
He became pompous, talking down to me-advised me he is an insurance agent and I “should know” all his stuff because he already gave me all his info.
I calmly explained I do not have access to his policy information, as I am a third party administrator and as such I am not allowed access to his private information. I said I was happy to help him with his glass claim but I have to ask questions. There are rules. It is a process.
He is filing a claim. It is the INSURED’s responsibility to provide the answers to my questions. I am not allowed to assume, prompt or coerce answers.
He told me I was irritating him because he expected me to know all this information already and how he going to find a different insurance company if we don’t start providing better service. I was asking him to verify his address on the policy and the year make and model of his vehicle. We ask this to help prevent fraud. It is for the insured’s safety but he wanted to be an asshole about it.
Whatever, shithead.
I continue asking questions and when it comes time to schedule him, he of course wants his Escalade windshield replaced at the dealership. Shrugs. You can go anywhere you want. Doesn’t mean your insurance company will pay the outlandish fees a dealer charges people. I read him the standard disclaimer “You are welcome to use a dealer. Please understand most dealers do not bill insurance companies for glass claims. Please be prepared to pay out of pocket and submit for reimbursement.” Wow did he ever lose his entitled self’s mind at that. He went on and on about the law, “I am an agent blah blah blah” and how dare I tell him we won’t pay, with all the money he pays us. I politely remind him I have no say over how dealerships run their businesses and cannot force them to work with his insurance, just like I cannot force him to use any specific shop. He has choices. They may not all be ideal or what “he thinks” they should be but he has choices nonetheless. He continues his tirade by telling me he should be getting paid to do my job since I’m not doing my job. I won’t hook him up with a dealership that will take his insurance and he already gave me his information and how I keep asking him questions and he might as well have my job since he’s doing a better job than me. I flat out told him there was no reason for him to be antagonistic towards me. I was simply trying to do my best to help him but if he chooses to keep interrupting me and telling me how things should be instead of how things are, I would no longer be able to assist him as he doesn’t want to accept the answers I can give him in following policy set by his insurance company. The man was a bully. When I pushed back he settled down a little bit. I ended up booking him with an In-Network shop that would do all the work and all he would have to pay was his deductible. I thanked him for calling, explained him he would get an email and a text message with the rest of the information and I ended the call. I don’t like being bullied any longer. I am at a point in my life where I have been bullied by enough pompous, self-centered, pig-headed, egotistical asshole men and I just simply don’t want to take it anymore.
I feel great.
I have half a mind to flood his insurance agent page with negative YELP reviews, cuz “he is an agent.” Agents can sometimes make my job more difficult.

What do you think?

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