1: They lost my resignation letter! 2: Firewall

2 quick stories.

10+ years ago I worked on an IT helpdesk. This is a major helpdesk that supports a couple of worldwide networks. I worked for a Temp agency that was one of those notorious agencies that hated their workers. I quickly came to the light of the primary contractor as I had excellent troubleshooting skills and all of my QA reviewed calls were above 95% with me bagging the golden 100! As soon as the primary contractor could, they snagged me and told me to put in my two weeks notice. 3 weeks later I get an email from the subcontractor asking why I haven’t submitted my timesheet! Turns out they completely missed my letter of resignation!

Couple of months later in the morning when East Coast was just getting into work, someone on the Network team accidentally deleted the whitelist… on all networks… we got around 10,000 helpdesk calls within 10 minutes.

I did end up being let go after a year. I couldn’t handle the pressure and had stress related issues that caused me to miss work. To all of you who are able to handle the big helpdesks for more than that long, I applaud you and have no idea how you handle it.

What do you think?

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