“Who are those other people I’m hearing?”

M is me and C is the customer. This was before we were WFH.

M: Thank you for calling <company> Escalated Support, my name is im_mr_b, how are you doing today?

C: Can you cut the script and get to helping me?

M: I’ll need to know who I’m speaking with please.

Mr C provides his name.

M: Thank you Mr C, I can see you’re calling about-

C: Who are those other people I’m hearing?

M: (confused for a second) Oh, sir, I’m in a call center so those are other agents talking. Are you able to hear me loud enough?

C: Yes, but tell them to be quiet! It’s distracting!

M: Sir, there are about 150 agents on this floor. I can’t stand up and tell them all to be quiet. I can maybe mute myself when I’m done talking or if you want to email support-

C: No! Get up and tell them to be quiet! Now!

M: I can’t do that, sir.

Eventually he just agreed to email support.

What do you think?

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