Verification process.

Hello! So I work at a mortgage company where our QA team is honing in on verification of borrowers so now we must verify full first and last name sometimes with middle initial and the full property address, and for whatever reason BORROWERS HATE THIS. today I had a snarky smart ass on my line and it went a little something like this.

Me: Good morning thank you for calling my personal hell where we make my suffering easy, would you please verify your property address?

B1: 1234 you belong here Avenue, you will burn for your sins in the second level of hell.

Me: and your zip code?

B1: 666

Me: and who am I speaking with today?

B1: I AM.

Me: thank you and your last name too.


Me: okay sir I’m not telling you my last name I need yours for verification purposes. I can see it right here on my screen, I just need you to tell me it.

B1: My last name is Alittlebitch.

Me: Thankyou now what can I do for you.

B1: starts screaming over me as I’m talking asking about his new loan number after a servicing transfer

Me: Sitting in silence hating my life and contemplating my life choices


What do you think?

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