Told off a customer today

I did something today I rarely do. I lost my cool with a customer. This man was combative from the time I answered the phone and no matter how nice I was he was ugly to me. He berrated me because I did not have his information and called me names and generally just insulted me while I was trying to help him. I finally asked him if he wanted me to help him or not and he said he was gonna call back and he hoped he didn’t get me. And I replied to him I hope you don’t get me either sir have a nice day. And then I ended the call. If I get monitored on this call I will most likely lose my job But honestly I am tired of people taking their ugliness out on me and other people in the service industry. Nine times out of 10 I can look the other way but this grumpy old man was an absolute ass

What do you think?

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anyone else???

you won’t believe what qa dinged me for