“I’m talking now”….Yeah no you’re not

I’ll freely admit I probably could have handled this call better but yesterday was my 6th day in a row and I was tired so my bullshit tolerance was pretty much zero. Call comes through from one of our London hotels about 5pm from 2 American tourists. M = Me, AW = Angry wife, DH = Dickhead husband

M: Thank you for calling XX reservations. My name is Walter. How can I help?

AW: (Angrily) Our room is too noisy. We want to switch rooms

Doesn’t even bother to say hello or anything and giving out instantly. Off to a good start. For context the hotel they’ve booked is attached to one of the busiest train stations in London and many of the rooms directly overlook the platforms. It’s 5pm in central London in the middle of summer. Yeah there’s going to be a bit of noise which a tiny bit of research before booking would have probably told them.

M: Certainly ma’am. As you’ve already checked into the hotel you’ll need to speak to the front desk in order to change rooms. You can either call them from the phone in your room or go down to speak to them

I’m literally just a central booking line so there’s nothing I can do once they’re checked in. Apparently this is unacceptable so she immediately resorts to using threats to try and get her way

AW: Well maybe we’ll just leave and stay somewhere else tonight.

M: I understand your frustration but you’ll still need to speak to the front desk. If you just leave without speaking to someone they’ll charge your card for the sta…

At this point DH decides to butt in and interrupt me in the most condescending tone imaginable

DH: Stop talking. I’m speaking now

Oooh wrong thing to say mate. You might be used to bullying customer service staff in the US but you aren’t in the US now

M: No you’re not. Please don’t interrupt me while I’m speaki…

DH: What?? How dare you? I’m a customer and..

M: Sir, Again stop interrupting me. I’ve already explained twice to your wife what needs to be done.

Cue rant from DH about how this is disgraceful, he’s never been treated like this before etc. He eventually stops after about 2 mins

M: Are you finished? Shouting at me isn’t going to change the fact that you’ll need to speak to the front desk to switch rooms

DH: What’s your name?

M: Walter

DH: And your surname?

M: For security reasons we don’t give out surnames

DH: \*Hangs up

Tbh I feel sorry for the front desk staff as they were going to deal with the fallout but I just have no tolerance for assholes anymore

As a palette cleanser the very next call I took was the polar opposite. Also an American but she was unbelievably pleasant and friendly and was an absolute delight to speak to. As we ended the call and just before she hung up I heard her say to whoever was in the room with her “He was such a lovely guy”

Moral of the story I guess is if you’re nice to me I’ll be nice to you. Be a dick though…

What do you think?

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