I was cussed out, over tax…

I work at a rather large company where we often place orders for people who can somehow figure out the SKU numbers of products but can’t figure out how to add them to a cart and order them. Well a few minutes ago, I was cussed out over tax on an order…

The customer was placing a rather large order over the phone and his tax was over $100 and he was livid that I wouldn’t discount it off for him. After he called me every name in the book, he demanded that he speak to my supervisor (jokes on him, my supervisor is never anywhere to be found) so I told him that I was a supervisor and that it is impossible to deduct tax and that if he’d like the tax lower then he needs to remove stuff out of his cart.

He then told me how successful he was and how small I was compared to him and how he could ruin my life and how I probably barely graduated High School, so I replied “you might be super successful but at least I understand how simple taxes work.” He proceeded to tell me that I’m the scum of America and if I don’t apologize for what I said then he will write my CEO.

I enjoy keeping people on the phone like this because 1) We are not allowed to hang up on a customer 2) calls like this waste 30-45 minutes of my day since its 3 minute of them talking to my 5 seconds, I started writing this as we were still on the phone.

I have 7 days of work left before I quit. Call Centers are horrendous.

What do you think?

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