Everytime a customer says I’m not listening, it’s them who isn’t

Spent over an hour with a nice lady helping get the best deal possible for a mobile phone and a simcard for her husband.

Credit check came back as a referral, which means a human is going to do it instead of the computer. I promised I would call her back as soon as it comes back, and I even sent a 2nd referral because the first one was taking unusually long. The referral team had to call her to confirm some details.

Kept her account open in the background, refreshing it regularly. It came back as declined, so I called to let her know.

Me: unfortunately the credit check has come back as a decline, but-

Cust: what?! Can you repeat that?

Me: repeats it again, gets interrupted again

Cust: that can’t be right, why is it declined? There’s no way that’s right at all

Me: we don’t get any information unfortunately-

Cust: you need to put me through to them so I can clear this up right now, there must be fraudulent activity on my accounts, if you’d seen how much I have in my bank accounts then you’d see that I can afford this, I can buy this phone outright 10 times!

Me: the credit team can only be contacted via email, I can give you their email address

Cust: you need to email them and sort this out

Me: I can’t do that, it has to be you who emails them and I can give you your account number and details to help you do that

Cust: no you’re just refusing to help me, you’re not listening to me! You said before you had contacted them yourself so you can contact them! I need this sorted now!

Me: I sent a 2nd referral, I didn’t actually email them, it’s a different procedure. If you email them then they will get in contact within 48 hours

Cust: 48 hours! You need to sort it NOW! Your withholding important information about fraudulent activity in my name, it needs sorting right now, your not listening to me

Me: I understand your concern, I am listening to you, if you’re concerned about fraudulent activity in your name then the fastest way to clear things up is through your bank or going directly to a credit check organisation.

Cust: you email them right now! Stop refusing to help!

Me: if I email them it’s going to take much longer, it’s not proceedure and they are very black and white about proceedure, they won’t talk to me about it

This repeats several times.

Cust: you know what, just send me a feedback survey so I can tell them how you refused to help me *hangs up*

Like lady if I didn’t want to help then I could have just not bothered calling to say you’re declined. Once you’re declined there is no possible sale there, so I’m supposed to just cut my losses and move on without wasting time listening to you rant for 13 minutes repeating the same thing and not listening to the fact I CANNOT help you. I had my manager in the background miming to get rid of the call.

Also stop showing off that you’ve got enough money to buy 10 new iphones while I’m preparing to have minimal heating this winter, you lost all sympathy from me there

What do you think?

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