Do you manually answer calls at your work place or do they just come through automatically once your status is ready?

I’m curious how other inbound call centers handle answering calls. At my job, I work in a department with about 6 others taking calls on a specific subject matter. The person that was in ready the longest will take the next call.. after a call ends we are supposed to log our note within a minute of “wrap up”. Once we save our note we are supposed to go back into “ready” to join the queue. The incoming calls we receive are automatically answered by our phone. I find this extremelyyyy agitating. It’s frustrating when you just got off a call, have the pressure to log your note within a minute before going back to “ready”, & then before you even have a chance to breathe another call may be waiting and will automatically shoot through. When the call comes through it makes the most fucking agitating “boop boop” noise and then boom… customer is already on the other line. And then I have to say my cheesy ass introduction that I repeat a million god damn times a day. We work remotely..but if you literally look up to talk to someone you will literally just get cut off by the incoming call with no warning. I feel like I can’t fucking swallow my saliva before the person on the other end is connected and listening. The calls are draining and I feel like a fucking prisoner literally tethered to my headset and computer. I feel like if we were at least able to answer the calls manually.. I would feel a little less like a fucking enslaved robot. How does answering calls go for you guys?

What do you think?

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