“you are being really disrespectful to me”

So for context I work in retail

One of my coworkers offered this man a $10 courtesy for a small inconvenience and the man received his code and wanted to make a purchase.

Pull up his information and check the notes to find the code, add the item to the cart then proceed with his information and when I get to the order summary I tell the men “you will be receiving $10 off your purchase. He gets escalated and proceeds telling me he was offered $20 when the notes by my coworker obviously state it was $10 so I ask him if he wants to proceed, he starts ranting about “terrible service” so I take his credit card information and then give him the order summary once again, now with shipping fees included and then he starts yelling at me saying he was promised free shipping (we are not able to give courtesy free shipping) and at this point I’m fed up, I HATE taking orders and this man was so aggravating and at one point he starts asking to talk to a supervisor but I ignored the request and kept going, he KEPT RANTING so I told him “you wanna continue with the purchase or not sir” and he told me “you are acting very disrespectful to me” like he wasn’t being an asshole over free $10. Once I completed the order he did not even say thank you and just hung up. I’m really tempted to add his number to my DO Not Call list so I NEVER talk to him again.

Sorry this was a rant, I just HATE how entitled people are and how they want EVERYTHING handed and accommodated to them for the sake of “keeping the customer happy”.

What do you think?

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