Why is my card declined?????

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Recent lurker, first time poster! This called happened this morning at my job with Barnyard Insurance Company, which I absolutely love. To preface this, I don’t typically take calls from customers, I was hired to work and take calls from Agents, but the product line I am trained on, we can take calls from customer’s if they happen to get transferred to our lines or when our Customer Service side needs help due to call volume. So this is NOT a typical call for me!

\*This will be a bit long as it was a 30 minute call, that could have easily been done in under 10 minutes.

Characters: Me – Obviously Me / Brainless Dude – BD

Me: Thank you for calling (Barnyard Insurance) this is Me, How can I help you today?

BD: Yeah, I got a notice that my policy is going to be cancelled due to non-payment and I need to know why.

Me: Of course, I definitely can take a look and see what’s going on with the billing. Can I get your Policy Number?

(He gives me policy number and I proceed to pull up his Policy and ask him verification questions like address/D.O.B./last 4 of social and I’ve gotten through almost all the verification when I ask him to verify his mailing address).

Me: Can I get you to verify your mailing address?

BD: Yeah, my email is

Me: No sir, I need your physical Mailing address.

BD: Oh sorry (And proceeds to tell me his house number and street name.

Me: And your city and state please?

BD: Uhhhh…..PA…..

Me: And the city?

BD: Gives me his zip code (At this point, I just go with it because I can see his address and the zip code matches)

Once I get past all of that, which took way longer then it should have, I look at his billing and see that his card was declined for his Automatic Payments. I tell him this and he says:

BD: Why is my card declined?

Me: I’m not sure, I can just see that it’s declined, our system does not give us a reason why.

BD: Well I don’t know why it declined \*\*This is important to remember for later in this conversation\*\*

I start looking at his account and notice that he has a Home (Renter’s) Policy with us and that it’s also showing past due because the same card was used to pay that Policy on Auto Pay and it declined as well. I let him know this

Me: Oh I see you also have a Home/Renter’s Policy with us and that is also showing past due because the card also declined on that Policy too.

BD: I don’t have a Home Policy, I only have an Auto.

Me: Are you sure? I show you’ve been paid this policy for the last year for $XX.XX/month and those payments were coming out automatically.

BD: No, all I did was add a car to my Policy and take it off.

Me: This is the Home/Renter’s Policy, and I see you had it for a year and this last payment was the renewal for the upcoming year, the same as your Auto.


Me: Okay sir.

At this point, I’m not going to cancel his policy because he hasn’t asked me to, but I’m also not going to bring it up again. I figure that the Policy will cancel due to non payment, and he’ll get a letter stating his Policy canceled and then the light bulb might go off and he’ll remember he had the Policy. I did put very good notes on the account and Home/Renter’s Policy stating that I did tell him about it and that it was past due and he said he didn’t have a Home/Renter’s Policy and stated he didn’t several times, and left it at that. Not my problem, I tried to tell him it was Past Due and he’s a Brainless wonder, so I wasn’t going to waste more time on it. I go on with the call after this as he states he wants to make a Payment on the Auto Policy.

BD: I need to make a Payment on the Auto and I need to know why the amount went up.

Me: So I do see you added a vehicle and took it off before the end of the policy and that did lower your payments monthly, but for the renewal, there was a Rate Increase across the board and your premium did go up a little for the Renewal, which is why your premium amount went up from last year and your monthly payment went up.

BD: Oh okay, so it’ll be $XXX.XX going forward a month.

Me: Yes sir

BD: Okay, well I need to make the payment that’s past due so my policy doesn’t cancel.

Me: Yes sir, give me just a moment to get the right screen pulled up to be able to process that payment.

\*Side Note: I actually have 2 laptops at the moment because the product line I work with was originally under MetLife Insurance and bought out by Barnyard Insurance in April last year. I did use my second laptop for more than payments, but recent server migrations have allowed me to use my other “Barnyard Laptop” as we call it, for most everything I need now. Payments and resetting agent passwords is the only thing I do on it (the MetLife) laptop now. So I’ve gotten the payment screen pulled up on my other computer and I’m ready to take his payment.
Me: So are we going to be using the card on file to take the payment (which is the same card we used for the autopay payments)

BD: Yeah, we’re going to use that card.

Me: Okay and I go through my whole speal of stating the payment amount we will be making and the last 4 of the card number. He gives me the Authorization to go ahead and process the payment. AND LOW AND BEHOLD….. THE F-ING CARD DECLINES.

Me: Well, it looks like the payment was unsuccessful and he ask what card we have. I let him know it’s the same card we used for the autopay and the last 4 of the card number and this is what he says and I about lost it on this guy.

BD: Oh yeah, I had to close that card because it was compromised and got a new card to replace it.

\*\*When I say I was speechless, I was speechless…… I just sat in silence for a few seconds and then said:

Me: Well that would be why the card declined for the AutoPay.

BD: Oh yeah, well I got a new card number to use.

Me: Okay, give me just a minute and I’ll get the card information from you.

\*\*I proceed to get the new card info and make the payment and GUESS WHAT?!!?!/??, THE PAYMENT WENT THROUGH… HOW ABOUT THAT?!?!?!

Me: So the payment did process and you should get a receipt by email in 1-2 hours. Was there anything else I can help you with today?

BD: Naw…. I think that’s it..Thanks so much and sorry about all that (as he’s giggling and laughing a little).

Me: No worries sir, you have a wonderful rest of your day. END CALL

I had to take a few minutes after that call because I was pretty sure I lost brain cells. That whole conversation was took well over 30 minutes and I messaged my Supervisor afterwards and told him I didn’t mind helping out with customer calls, but I was ready to go back to just Agents. At least talking to them is equivalent to talking to my teammates at work. This guy was born in 2003 and I don’t know if he just didn’t realize he needed to update his payment information with the new card number to keep his payments going or he thought it happened automatically, but either way, he was definitely not the brightest crayon in the box.

\*I did forget to update his payment method,so I sent him an email to him, which I knew was correct because he read it off to me earlier lol. I let him know he will need to update his card on his AutoPay in order for his payments to keep coming out Automatically. I made no other mention of his Home/Renter’s Policy either\*

Thanks for coming to my story, hope you guys enjoyed this story and got a good laugh out of it and my misery!! LOL

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