Things customers say that tick me off.

Working at a call center taking hundreds of calls a week calls tend to get repetitive quickly. Most calls then tend to be a variation of the same 5-10 issues someone else calls for. Therefore things people say can get repetitive as well. And depending on which call center you’re in and what kind of issues you’re dealing with I’m sure you all hear other things that I don’t.

I work for a utility company, specifically electricity. Things that we get to put up with can be humorous at times but can be irritating at others.

One thing people say often that annoys me is “hello?” Or “you there?”
The reason any this is annoying is that they tend to say this immediately after they finish talking. They don’t even give us an instance to reply before asking us if we’re still listening. Yes I am still here I just was waiting on you to finish talking so you don’t complain about me interrupting you. A courtesy you don’t give me most of the time.

One phrase I hear particularly older people say often is “you know what I’m saying?”

I’m not sure if it’s just a habit or if people that say this think that we just can’t seem to follow along with their long chapter book of a story they’re telling us. But yes we still are able to comprehend you even if you only give a 3 second break every two minutes of talking.

People that complain to us that we sent them a disconnection notice or that we turned their power off and they use their kids or elderly parent on life support as a reason that we should have known that they should receive special treatment for it.

I totally understand that if you have someone else in the house that depends on you that could add more stress and more expenses to your day to day life. And I empathize with you for that. Though don’t be using that as a way to guilt us into not doing our job correctly. If anything that is something that should fuel you to be proactive and seek out ways to avoid disconnection. There’s government agencies that can help if you’re struggling you can reach out to. Just don’t attack us for it.

People who call in telling me that I’m wrong or I’m lying. This annoys me not to the point that I hate being wrong, but why would we lie to you? What would we have to gain to lie to you? It’s my job to tell you what’s going on. Just because you don’t like the information doesn’t mean that we are telling you lies.

What’s something that annoys you that customers often say?

What do you think?

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