Tale from a 3rd party T-Mobile call center

Over a decade ago, I did some time in a call center, and this is one of my top 5 events from there (I hated the job immensely).

I don’t remember all of the specifics, but I remember enough.

Lady called in and was on her phone. Said she needed a new battery. We had a process for determining warranty, and with her being on her phone, we could not complete that process. She had no alternative phone to call on, she was driving during the call and it was slightly difficult to hear her (static/cutting in and out). She had mentioned issues where water would have been a factor, negating the warranty. Told her a few times that we couldn’t warranty exchange because of possible water damage. She escalated, and supervisor took over.

The next day, I was called before my manager about that call and told I’d be getting suspended without pay for a week because of various arbitrary reasons (didn’t score high on empathy or any of that shit for that call according to their extremely subjective grading curve).
Had me fill out a crap ton of shit, write out what I thought I did wrong, etc.
Then I was escorted out the door and told to come back the next week.

I was perturbed, but not angry. I knew I followed their policies.
I decided to go out of town to hang with friends.
I get a call about 2 days later, and it’s work telling me to be in the next day, and that my suspension was lifted. Internal had investigated and said I did everything by the book.
Told them I’d be in when my suspension was originally supposed to end.
Turned out they had to pay me for my time off. Best impromptu vacation I ever took.

Funnily enough, I had this same kind of thing happen to me three other times in my 2.5 years of working there.

What do you think?

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