People don’t seem to know how their accounts should work.

I work for a utility company. Occasionally we run into someone who is moving and they want their services on for a few days on both places while they move so they still have power, which is reasonable. Other times people have multiple homes and they just want power to both locations on. Which is also fine.

Sometimes the former just forgets to call back and close their previous account out while they’re done and moved out. That causes issues, typically when they receive their next bill.

I had taken a call from a customer in which this happened. He called in complaining about some bill that wasn’t supposed to be his that transferred to his new account. He says he moved from the address it came from years ago. This made the guy a bit upset because he thought everything was handled.

After some probing and questions in between him getting increasingly frustrated come to find out he already knew about this a month prior and now this caused his house he lives at to be disconnected for non payment of this. He said his son lived at the address the bill in question came from. He admitted that neither he or his son thought to call in to transfer the service to the son’s name at the previous address. Though now the son moved out, which means he stopped paying the bills and the account finally got closed.

[Honestly at that point we can’t do much for you especially since you admitted to living there and admitted to your own undoing on this situation. Since it was in his name still our system showed he still owed it. So he’d have to either pay us what is needed for reconnection or call his son to get the son to pay it. In which that’s what I had explained.]

It gets even better, he called us like 3-4 days before he was due for disconnection to set up arrangements for this. We were able to set up arrangements and spread out what was owed over a few future bills. He said that paid what was needed. But he of course chose the longest method of payment to arrive and sent it by check. And since he chose to do that the check was delayed in transit as we didn’t even receive it yet by the time I talked to him. So that caused the arrangement to default and then his power to be disconnected.

Some people just seem to have a willing ignorance about things. Both the disconnection and the transfer of the bill could have been avoided by a simple phone call and/or willingness to make a payment over the phone.

And I get it as well. Some people are stuck in their ways to pay by what methods they’re used to but you’ve paid bills with a check all your life you’d know by now that it can get delayed. So on something that’s time sensitive, leave the check book out of it.

What do you think?

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