I work in complaints and was following up on an escalation – for reference, I work in superannuation (which is a better, government mandated 401k for the Americans here.)
I’d followed up and listened to the call to see what happened and turns out the customer was informed correctly and he’d taken it upon himself to not listen, and couldn’t claim a tax offset for the year he wanted to. Oops.

Going in you know exactly how someone will react and well, no surprise he wasn’t happy.
He got more and more flustered and seeing as I was a bit over being yelled at this week, the moment he raised his voice it went this way:
“Sir, stop yelling. That’s enough.”
“You are, stop.”

But the thing is when someone raises their voice, the line doesn’t usually crackle and hearing actual spittle on the other end usually doesn’t happen either.

When I said nope again, I let him know I was escalating his query. Our complaints process has a legislated time of 45 days, and instead of taking my resolution 4 days in – he got to deal with that process instead.
He put his tail between his legs and got quiet from there.

Anyway, it’s always nice telling someone what’s what…..and hope that QA doesn’t hear me being a little firmer than they’d expect with a dickhead.

What do you think?

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“you are being really disrespectful to me”

I love when callers don’t end the call right away and have a full conversation with the person next to them.