I wish I could find a new job


The company I work for is getting worse and more micromanaging. I work for customer service at a mortgage company for customer service. We now get quality monitored 10 times, we get researched on our task requests we put in, if they are incorrect we get a coaching for them now we are getting “call calibrations” they are weekly calibrations to listen to your calls and get feedback from supervisors to make your calls better. So now weekly I have to listen to my voice listen to my calls and get feedback on them. They tell you to thank customers for answering your questions and to not pause too much between providing information and asking questions. So If you’re speaking to a customer with a hard to understand accent and you’re trying to process what they said you’re dinged for it. Not to mention supervisors aren’t available for you when you’re t and need them. This company is so ugh


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