Fax machine?

Hello all. I just wanted to hop on here to celebrate my release from prison- I mean resignation from the call center! After a year and a half I finally found a new position at a beautiful company and I’m very grateful. Now here’s my story of the day,

I accepted a misrouted call this morning, no biggie, just have to transfer to the correct department. For some reason they still want to ask me questions, ok no big deal, wouldn’t be the first time I did someone else’s job. I began to explain to her- no the MFA code cannot be texted to your phone at this time, we can only send the MFA code via email etc….. all hell breaks loose.

During the usual verbal abuse how “my company” (not my company) is subpar to the rest of the world, I began to zone out… but she then stated, “ON TOP OF THAT YOU GUYS WONT EVEN TAKE MY FAXES ANYMORE!!!”

Apparently that department had recently stopped accepting documentation via fax machine

Me- caught off guard and being the smart ass that I am, I ask “what’s that?”

Apparently this wasn’t the correct, customer first and forward response, as the monster began to rage even more profusely

But seriously, she was complaining about the company “not being with the times” over MFA and in the same breath she had the nerve to complain about us not accepting faxed documentation?? I’m in my mid 20’s, I know what a fax machine is but I’ve never seen nor had to use of before. It was just my chuckle of the day.

What do you think?

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Today I am psychic.

When the caller only gives you half the story and it takes ages to get them to tell you what happened.