“ArE yOu hAvInG a BaD DaY?”

I work in insurance and just discovered a brand new pet peeve because of this customer lol.

So I had a lady call in wanting to reinstate a policy that has been canceled for a year which is not allowed. She works in insurance herself and just KNOWS that this is bs.

Her: I work for X Insurance and wr can reinstate policies within 5 years of cancelation. I know you need your commission but you should really focus on what the customer wants.

Me: Ma’am I’m not paid on commission and here at Y insurance after 2 months we cannot reinstate the policy. How about I just quote the vehicle and see what that comes out to?

Her: Fine lets do the quote.

Me: (begins asking information about the vehicle)

Her: You said you already have the vehicle information so you dont need to ask it again.

Me: (annoyed) I never said that….

Her: Yes you did.

Me: No from the very beginning Ive been saying the policy is canceled. To do the quote i need the vehicle information.

Her: If you go into my account you should be able to click my policy then all the information is there like at X insurance.

Me: We are Y insurance and we dont have that option. You can step into one of our offices and see if maybe they have that option. Just here in the call center we dont.

Her: But in the beginning you said you had the information. Thats how you know its canceled…

Me: (annoyed) I never told you I had your vehicle information…..

Her: Let me speak to someone else. You’re clearly having a bad day. You’re so rude and unprofessional. Whats your first and last name?

At this point I didnt even answer and threw her back in queue. (Our hour long queue lol) Theres a special place in hell for people who antagonize others then act like they aren’t the problem.

What do you think?

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