a nice story… for once

As y’all know I work for the big 3 lettered roadside assistance company. Work has been hell on earth lately, we do not have the calltakers to handle our heavy call volume and as this company handles emergencies its a really bad look when we have hour waits. Suffice it to say I’ve been dealing with angry customers up the wazoo.

I have a customer call in, saying he was lazy and decided to hook his arm though the open window and unlock the car from the inside and open the door from the inside despite having his car keys in hand. This unsurprisingly set off the security system, and he needs our help.

I’m trained on how to do security resets for all different types of cars so I spend an hour and a half with him trying to walk him through resetting the security system. To no avail, the light will not turn off, the horn keeps blaring, its a bad vibe. But the entire call he’s just so polite and apologetic and even said he wishes he could go back in time and just unlock his car like a normal person and this wouldn’t have happened.and somewhere along the lines I let him know what time I start work.

Eventually we give up, and I advise he leaves the battery disconnected from the terminals for a longer period of time (he had tried 10 minutes, I advised 30). A day later, he waits until my very late start time and gives me a call back. To personally thank me because the advice I’d given him had finally worked and we had avoided him needing to tow his car to the dealership. And it was just so incredibly sweet that he remembered what time I came in so he could speak with me instead of just sending it along.

What do you think?

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You won’t get what you want either way

You guys are a fraud company doing shady business and I am calling the FBI on you