why are people so stupid on the phone

Doing a financial assessment on a client over the phone and ask what their income is. Simple question, right?

Client replies ‘I don’t know.’

This stumps me, but I rally with ‘Are you employed or on benefits?’

Client tells me ‘I don’t know, I just get money.’

Am absolutely bewildered how somebody in their 40s can have no idea where their income comes from. Decide that this is a lost cause and skip this for now to ask them the reason for their call.

‘I got a letter.’

Not as informative as I would have hoped but we’re on track here. Ask the client what the letter is about.

‘I dunno, it’s blue.’

Took about 10 minutes to get her to open up the letter and 2 words into her reading it I knew exactly what her problem was.

Genuinely wonder how these people manage to put their shoes on the correct feet in the morning

What do you think?

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