Replace my windshield ASAP, except I don’t know where I am going to be.

I get it. Over the road truckers see a lot of places in a short amount of time. I personally appreciate all they do to help keep this country moving. They have crazy hours and time is money.

A driver called today, and a rock hit his windshield. He was going to need a replacement, not a repair. He is on the road, but doesn’t know where he is going to be. He wants to drive to a shop and get it replaced.

It is highly unlikely, with the age and type of WS he has, any shop would have this particular piece of glass in stock. I explained this. It will have to be ordered. So we are filing a claim and I explain I need a location for service before a part can be ordered.

This made him crazy angry. “Just order it, and I will go get it done!”

Me: “Certainly Sir. What city? What day?”
Driver-yelling “I JUST TOLD YOU I DON’T KNOW!!!”

M, trying to be patient “My apologies Sir, but without a location I have no way to know what shop to tell to order the glass.”

Driver: “So I have no say in this? Is that what you are telling me???”

Me: “No Sir. I am not saying that at all. In order to order your part, and have it available to you, we need to know what shop you would take it to. Once we know the shop or area you will be in, we can find a shop. They can order the part, and then you can schedule at your convenience.”

Driver: “So basically I’m screwed. I never know where I am gonna be”

We went round and round before he screamed at me “This is bullshit!!!” and hung up the phone.

Dude, we are not psychic…we can help but we need YOU TO HELP US HELP YOU.

What do you think?

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