PSA: Callers, please don’t tell us how to spell your names

Please, for our sanity, stop telling us how to spell your names. It isn’t necessary, it wastes time, we don’t care that you are ‘Robyn with a Y, not an I’, and it just crushes our souls whilst we sit there and listen to you struggle with the actual phonetic alphabet so much that you start to create your own.

*That’s R for Re-… Ro-… err… R for… R for… what is an R?… R for… Rheumatoid Arthritis*

*Then O for… Osc-, no… O for… Oh, my god, check out my new sneakers… yeah*

Just don’t do it. Please.

Once you give us your reference number, which is the first thing we ask for, that then brings up the rest of your details on the security system, so we can actually *see* your name, and how it is spelled. How do you think we verify that the rest of the information you give us is correct? Crystal ball?

Even if you are from somewhere like India, or Africa, where longer names tend to be more common, where someone who is not familiar with your language/culture may not know how to spell your name 100% correctly, you don’t need to go through the spelling. So long as the noises that come out of your mouth to punctuate each syllable roughly match what we imagine the letters we see on the screen would sound like when spoken, that is enough, that is sufficient.

What’s worse is when somebody with a western name, and a really simple one at that, does this.

*My name is John*

*That’s J for John*

*O for On*

*H for… Hon(?)*

*N for None*

Fucking whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Or even

*My name is John.*


Double fucking whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

It just isn’t necessary.

I know that this isn’t even a big issue lmao, but it is one of my biggest pet peeves, and really chaps my ass when I have to sit there and listen to someone doing this.


(Taken from a reply I made to one of your comments)

When I was ranting this out, I certainly didn’t consider that other companies may handle data/security differently than where I work. Maybe that’s why so many people feel the need to spell their name out when dealing with us.


What do you think?

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