Probably the pettiest ask for a supervisor call I’ve gotten so far

Someone called in today to report that a street light in his neighbor’s yard was out and to also ask about his bill he owes. Typically when we have to access someone’s account we have to verify a couple of security details like their acct number, their address and their phone number, etc.

While people call in they can also pre verify that all info with our pre recorded automated system and if they do then it shows up that they verified this when they connect with a call rep. When I answer this guy’s call the account didn’t indicate that he did any of that.

So after I asked him why he was calling and his account populated I had to ask him to verify his account. when I asked him the whole ringer of info every time I asked for each of the three pieces of info he just did the whole frustrated laugh and complained that he tried doing this already with the automated system but even he admitted when he did so it gave some response that it didn’t find the account. and I had to apologize each time saying if he did verify it would have notified me and it didn’t.

Though for some reason after he already gave me all that I needed but right before was even able to dive into answering the questions and issue as to he called at that point he got so annoyed that I had to ask him to verify his account so I can release information to him he asked if he could speak to a supervisor that “knows what they’re doing because you apparently don’t.”

I gladly said sure, I’ll have to put you on hold while I reach out to a supervisor. I didn’t even give him time to respond other than hearing him grunt before I pushed the hold button and reached out for an escalation supervisor. I just wish I could have muted myself and stayed on that call after I connected him to listen to him rant.

Like you’re complaining about me doing my job before I can even get to doing my job to help you with your issues. Dude just relax.

What do you think?

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