Non cooperative customers are the worst, but also humorous.

Sometimes people call in and want help
With something or to ask a question on how to fix something. I’m glad to help but sometimes people are so hesitant to give out information or to be cooperative that it ends up not being able to do what they called to get accomplished. That or it at least slows the call down to a halt at times while you have to explain things.

Sometimes it’s frustrating because people get angry but other times it’s funny because the things that people don’t want to tell us is exactly what can fix the problem.

I had a call recently that goes over this briefly.

C = caller M = me

M: hello, how can I help today?

C: well I just downloaded the app and am having trouble signing into it.

I check the account and realize she doesn’t have any email or user ID registered with us yet.

M: ah I can see the issue, I would be glad to set you up with an online account so you can do so. What’s a good email we can use on the account?

C: why do you need that?

M: just to help register you with an account so you can log in to the app.

C: I don’t want to give out my email.

Mentally I sigh, knowing that I probably won’t be able to resolve this without some more difficulty.

M: unfortunately I’ll need an email in order to help with logging into the app. That and a user ID and password is all you need, so if you don’t want to tell me that’s fine, you’ll just have to go through the registration process through the app or online.

C: If I give y’all an email you’ll send me a bunch of spam emails and I don’t want more spam.

M: I can assure you that we won’t send you spam emails. This is just for signing into the app.

After some more back and forth that I would assume would leave her frustrated and cause her to hang up she relents and gives me an email. I get her set up and run through the process of her logging in.

Some more hesitations came across when I talked her through creating her password. I had to send her an email about that and you would have thought I had to talk her in defusing a bomb.

I like my job but some customers just make things especially fun and riveting.

What do you think?

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