How to respond when people ask for ETAs but you’ll never have one?

I love my job till I can’t solve a tech problem…then I have to dispatch someone. Basically I fill a form with a contact, reason, and fill in a requested date of service that goes out as a text.

People often ask for an ETA, a contact number of their tech, etc. I literally have zero info available. I can’t prioritize anything either. I just apologize and repeat what I can.

It doesn’t help that they often have to call multiple times to get a response. I understand their frustration (I dislike having zero info too). Is there a better response that might make them a little more chill?

Edit: An important thing I forgot to mention, repeat callers! Clients often end up calling in 1-2 more times over a series of days/weeks before they’ll get a callback from a field IT person. Holding for 20 minutes only to hear me say the exact same weightless apology. I don’t even have a supervisor that they can be transferred to if they ask. Fortunately, 70% of the time I can fix the computer/tech issue remotely. Most customers are nice and I love my job/company. Those 30% of calls though can get wild. Anyway, thank you all for the ideas and suggestions! 🙂

What do you think?

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