Got in trouble for actually helping a customer

It was over a 25$ credit. Basically, this guy had an account with us since 2004 and kept calling us for weeks to take off a type of paid feature which nobody in customer service or billing seemed to be able to do. I’m in a specialty queue and somehow he reached me. I knew this was our fault and he’s been trying to fix this for a couple of weeks so I went ahead and canceled the feature and credited him for the 2 weeks he would be charged.

Today I got pulled for a surprise meeting to be told I’m not supposed to be doing that. My team has access to apply credits and we do apply them for certain situations. I get that there’s policies in place but at least somebody gave a f*ck about this customer! It was 25$! So sick of companies not making it easy for us to do the right thing.

p.s. i’ve been trying to get out and quit but gas prices and getting rejections on applications so far. Still trying!

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