Dude slid his docs under our door and is annoyed that we don’t have them

TLDR is the title 😛

Basically, I work for an organization that assists people with disabilities. We have offices all over the country and there’s usually not one more than an hour away from someone at most.

This dude called in asking about whether or not we got the documents he brought in. His deadline was yesterday and he said he was out of town. He came on the weekend while we were closed and decided to just slide his stuff under the door.

I pull up his info and it’s not there. I don’t berate him, but I inform him that he should not have just slid his docs under the door. It’s not secure as someone could try to pull them back out from under the door, or they could blow away so one of our reps won’t see them; they could get damaged; etc. We have a drop box inside the office that he could have brought it to while we were open instead of waiting to see someone, or he could have brought it to another office close by wherever he was and asked them to transfer it to us electronically. He could also have brought it in a day late and asked for a reprieve (I almost never see someone get turned down even a month or so past a deadline if they come in and ask for an extension).

I basically told him to go into the office that he brought them to and hopefully they have them. If not then I’m guessing he’s going to have to either spend the time to replace the docs or re-fill out forms.

He took my name and I’m sure he will complain. I certainly wasn’t rude but that was extremely irresponsible of him and dangerous because he opens himself up to identity theft depending on the info on the docs he brought us. I made sure to impress upon him how important it is to keep his stuff safe and secure. Hopefully he takes that to heart.

What do you think?

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