Customer forgot to hang up their phone.

This will be short and sweet.

So I have a pretty monotone voice when I’m on the phone and I also start taking calls very early in the morning so sometimes I’ll be a bit sleepy on the phones when I first clock in. I just had a call that I thought went ok and when it was time to end the call the customer said, “Wow, that’s someone who hates their job.” She then proceeded to call me bitter and miserable but I just released the call. Like what did you want an annoyingly chipper voice at 8:00 am? It caught me off guard a little because I always talk like this on the phone and there is never a problem. I know I shouldn’t care but what would make a person say that after a three minute conversation over the phone?

What do you think?

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PSA: Callers, please don’t tell us how to spell your names

Am I terrible?