Can you turn that off?

During time at a call center we all put up with quite a bit of shit. People lying, people cussing us out because they need to unload their frustrations, people just being overall asshole behavior.

One thing that I hate to put up with more than most is that when people call us when they’re in a car or when their phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker. When I have to hear what I’m saying back to myself on a one second delay while having to listen to the customer complain then its just a bit much for me.

There’s been many times in which I just ask the customer to turn the radio down while we are talking so I can focus and them ignoring me. It’s as If customers know it annoys us and they insist thinking it’s a funny game.

Many a time I had to pull the headset away from my ear so when I talk on the microphone it’s not as irritating. Anyone else have something that utterly annoys them that customers do when they call us?

What do you think?

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