Can I get a call back?

Working at a call center people tend to want their issues resolved as fast as possible. Which is reasonable. Though when it’s not fixed within the timeframe of their call or if we have to send in an order or a request to a different department people tend to want that department to call them once their issue is fixed.

Many times we tell them we can’t guarantee a call or that department doesn’t call people, which usually frustrates the customers but the best thing we can do is to suggest to call the call center back in a day or so to see if what they called about has been resolved. Thus the point of the call center, to screen calls so other departments can focus on getting work done.

There was this one customer that was pretty upset with good reason. She called in 3-4 times already about the same issue over about a month. Some odd reason the issue wasn’t resolved but once she got ahold of me I was able to see what the issue was and helped her correct it. Essentially her issue was with the autopay system she had with us.
The autopay she had signed up with us was a previous version that we don’t offer anymore and she needed to change something on it and we just had to update it the best way we could. By effectively cancelling that older version of autopay and so she could then sign up for the newer way of autopay that was implemented years ago.

I had to send in a request for our IT to cancel the older way since I couldn’t even access that part to cancel it myself since it was done by a 3rd party. I explained that to her and She of course wanted a call back to see when it was done since she had called about it so many times before. I advised her that we couldn’t promise a call back from the IT dept since they don’t reach out to customers.

She then just launched into a minute long Tirade of how frustrating it is that no one ever calls her back. So I went against our policy and said that once I heard back from that department I’ll personally reach out which we can do from time to time but not for every customer all the time. She gave me a number to call her. I noticed that it was different than the one she was calling from so I jotted that number down as well in case it was a personal number as well.

Afterward when I heard back from the department that handled her autopay issue I called her back. As expected, I tried each number and both went to voicemail as she didn’t pick up.

Figured now she’ll just call in again and say we never call.

What do you think?

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